Best Yoga Mats of 2019: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Best Yoga Mats of 2019 Complete Reviews With Comparisons
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A good yoga mat should be durable, resilient and help improve your practice by supporting your body wherever it needs it most.

The most important functions of a yoga mat is to help you maintain balance, support you in various yoga poses and comfortably cushion your knees, hands, hips and spine. This makes it all the more important to find the right yoga mat that works with your individual needs.

We recommend working out what you need from your mat before you buy. You might split your yoga practice between home and group classes and want a lightweight, pack-up-and-go type of mat. Or, you might be new to yoga and need extra cushioning while you develop your practice. Perhaps hot yoga is more your thing and you require a mat that’s doesn't slip and is easy to clean. Once you’ve figured out what you need, your search for the perfect yoga mat, becomes a whole lot easier.

Wherever you are in your yoga journey, a sturdy mat is at the heart of every successful yoga practice. With so many types of yoga mats on the market, we know that choosing the right one can be hard. That's why we're here to help with a shortlist of our five favorite yoga mats based on durability, size and overall feel. And, you don't need to break the bank to invest in a decent yoga mat, there's something to suit every budget.

Comparison Chart

FARLAND The Best Yoga Mat Exercise Mat

REEHUT Yoga Mat 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High Density

Yoga Mat Non Slip – Longer and Wider Than Other Exercise Mats

Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm Print Extra Thick Exercise & Fitness Mat

Sivan Health and Fitness 1/2-Inch Extra Thick 71-Inch

Best Yoga Mat Reviews

1. Farland Yoga Mat

This yoga mat has been designed for on-the-go use. It’s a lightweight option that doesn’t skimp out on protection. You’ll find that the grip is superior to most other mats on the market. It also provides enough cushioning to make you feel comfortable during your workouts.

This yoga mat comes in a variety of vibrant colors to choose from, each of which can fit into anyone’s personal style.


Here is a rundown of what the Farland Yoga Mat offers:

Non-slip Surface

This yoga mat features a two-sided, non-slip design that will grip the ground and ensures that the mat won’t move around when you’re performing a pose. It also has a textured surface, which will prevent your hands and feet from slipping. It’s a much safer method than risking a fall or injury by using the floor or a towel.

Non-toxic Materials

One of the biggest problems with synthetic mats is that they usually are crafted using chemicals or harmful toxins. Unfortunately, these can cause skin irritations if put in constant contact with your skin. Hence, it’s safe to avoid these.

More than that, these harmful toxins also produce an awful chemical smell that can cling to your clothing and bother others around you. Luckily, this mat does not include any of these materials.


This mat uses unique triple-layered padding that helps create a tear-resistant build. This prevents the mat from damage and allows for a longer lifespan.

Easy to Maintain

The moisture-resistant coating can help prevent any water or sweat from seeping into the mat. It’s made from high-quality materials that make cleanup fast and easy too. To clean this mat, simply use soap and water and never soak the mat as this can ruin the coating.


If you’re not satisfied with this yoga mat, there’s a 30-day guarantee that can secure your purchase and help you with any issues.

What's to like about the Farland Yoga Mat

We enjoy that this mat has a double-sided, non-slip surface. Some mats may not move while they’re on the ground, but you can still slip and fall because of the smooth surface. Fortunately, you won’t have that same problem with this yoga mat.

What's not to like about the Farland Yoga Mat

One of the downsides to this yoga mat is that it is very thin. Even though it does have a cushion, it still is quite uncomfortable to sit on. The non-slip surface is also textured, which may be uncomfortable when laying down or sitting. As such, we only recommend this one for standing yoga.


  • check
    Does not slip or tear
  • check
    Comes with a carrying strap
  • check
  • check
    Provides extra cushioning


  • Not for meditation or on-the-floor exercises

2. Reehut Yoga Mat

This is another yoga mat that is designed to protect and cushion your body while you perform yoga poses. What makes this product different from others is that it features an extra-thick, high-density foam that is superior to others.

What this foam does is provide your joints with the cushioning they need to allow you to perform expert-level yoga poses with ease.


Here is an overview of the Reehut Yoga Mat:

High-density Foam

The high-density, ½-inch foam provides a soft environment for you to practice yoga, pilates, or other floor exercises on. It is made from a soft but thick non-toxic chemical that can help enhance your routine.

Anti-tear Design

A yoga mat must be more than just comfortable and supportive because it needs to last multiple uses. Having a mat that can resist wear and tear from daily use is perfect, as you can use it without worrying that you need to replace it anytime soon.

Easy-to-clean Surface

The surface of this yoga mat features a protective coating that is long lasting and prevents any water, dirt, or grime from seeping into the crevasse. If the mat gets dirty or starts to smell, you can use mild soap or a vinegar and water solution to help disinfect the surface.

Easy to Transport

Other mats tend to be bulky or weigh a lot. However, this yoga mat isn’t heavy. It features a lightweight design that can easily roll up into one tube. You can then use straps to secure it in place and carry it around wherever, whenever.


The warranty will cover any defects or issues you encounter with the yoga mat. It features a full year coverage.

What's to like about the Reehut Yoga Mat

We like that this mat prioritizes support and comfort over other aspects. The mat’s thickness actually helps protect your joints too, allowing you to perform expert-level poses.

What's not to like about the Reehut Yoga Mat

The only aspect we don’t like is that this yoga mat does tend to be a bit squeaky. It often squeaks when you move positions, so it may be awkward to use during a meditation class.


  • check
    Very supportive
  • check
    Durable and thick design
  • check
    Easy to maintain and clean
  • check
    Can be carried anywhere


  • Squeaks

3. Clever Yoga Mat

Anyone who wishes to practice yoga needs to understand the importance of a yoga mat. The Clever Yoga Mat features a unique trait that sets it apart from others. It is only ¼-inch thick but is made from a high-density foam padding that helps prevent your body from feeling sore.

This helps if you’re on your knees or hands because it can be uncomfortable and will start to hurt if you’re putting your body’s pressure on them.


Here’s a rundown of the Clever Yoga Mat and its features:

Extra-thick Foam Padding

This yoga mat is designed to be comfortable to use. It features an extra-thick 6mm foam fabric that keeps your body protected from the hard flooring underneath. It’s made to give you additional support where needed and will help alleviate sore joints by absorbing some of the pressure.

The dimensions of the mat are 72 x 25 inches, and it’s suitable for most individuals.

Enhanced Grip

This mat features a non-slip design, which can help keep it in one place and prevent your hands or feet from slipping when you’re doing specific poses. It’s perfect for use in yoga, pilates, meditation, and for stretching.


The company believes in total customer satisfaction, so if you’re not satisfied with this mat, you will have 30 days to exchange, replace, or refund your purchase.

Durable Build

This fitness mat is designed to prevent tear and springs back to life even after an intense workout. It doesn’t skid, leave residue, or stretch. The closed-cell surface helps keep the shape and locks out dirt, water, and bacteria too.


All materials that were used to manufacture this yoga mat are free from PVC, silicone, latex, other toxic materials. This mat also features a full build made from eco-friendly products and TPE foam.

What's to like about the Clever Yoga Mat

This is one of the best eco-friendly mats that we found. It’s not only free from any harsh materials but also includes TPE foam, which is much more durable and helps you improve your routine.

What's not to like about the Clever Yoga Mat

The downside is that the mat will become slippery if your hands get too sweaty. To prevent this, we recommend getting gloves to use with your workout.


  • check
    Supportive and comfortable
  • check
    Durable and water-resistant build
  • check
  • check
    Easy to carry around


  • Gets slippery when wet

4. Gaiam Yoga Mat

If you’re looking for a lovely, printed yoga mat that not only enhances your workout but also looks great in a yoga room, then look no further. The Gaiam Yoga Mat is an extra-thick and supportive mat that is perfect for all types of workouts. You can use it for pilates, floor stretches, exercises, and yoga.


Here is an overview of the Gaiam Yoga Mat:

Thick Foam Padding

This mat boasts a thick foam padding that features a light coverage enough to help protect your joints and provide extra cushioning. The entire yoga mat is around 6mm in thickness.

Non-slip Texture

A non-slip texture is essential as this helps prevent you from slipping or sliding. This yoga mat features a unique textured and sticky surface that helps enhance your traction and gives you a better grip. This allows you to use it for advanced yoga positions.

Non-toxic Materials

All materials used are PVC-free, 6p-free, and don’t contain any other harmful chemicals.

Free Yoga Workout

When you receive this yoga mat, you will also be given a free yoga class. You download this routine and perform it using your new yoga mat. This can help beginners know where to start.


The overall the dimensions of this yoga mat are 68 x 24 inches.

What's to like about the Gaiam Yoga Mat

Overall, this yoga mat offers medium coverage and can be used for a wide range of yoga positions. It has just enough support to help make your joints and body feel comfortable while performing holds.

What's not to like about the Gaiam Yoga Mat

This mat does have a scent, and the company recommends that you air it out at least two to three days before using it.


  • check
    Provides ample support
  • check
    Medium thickness
  • check
    Non-toxic materials
  • check
    Bonus yoga workout
  • check


  • Has a smell

5. Sivan Health and Fitness Mat

The last yoga mat that made it on our list of the best yoga mats today is the Sivan Health and Fitness Mat. It is a ½-inch thick padded mat that is designed to give you comfort as your perform your poses. The extra cushioning will help prevent injury, keep your joints supported, and features an enhanced grip.

This fitness mat is perfect for all-around types of workouts such as pilates, yoga, or floor exercises.


Here is an overview of the Sivan Health and Fitness Mat:

Thick Foam

The mat features a thick NBR foam padding, which is designed for impact absorption. This helps with shock-absorption and works for both slow-paced yoga and intense cardio workouts. The thick layer of foam springs back to life even after consistent use, ensuring that this mat will last a long time.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning is easy because this mat is designed with a water-resistant coating. While the slip-free surface is water-resistant, it doesn’t make it harder to grip, which is a common problem among yoga mats.

Removable Carrying Strap

The package includes a removable carrying strap that can help you carry the mat when you’re on the go. Roll up the mat for storage, and you’ll be able to save space in your home or in your car.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Personalize your yoga adventure and use this yoga mat indoors or out. The mat is lightweight, easy to use, and can be placed on any type of ground or flooring.

Comes in Eight Vibrant Color Options

There are eight different vibrant colors available to you, allowing you to personalize your mat and keep your style in check.

What's to like about the Sivan Health and Fitness Mat

We love that this yoga mat is designed for high-impact workouts. It is good for more than just yoga, and you can use it for weightlifting, as a dance mat, or for pilates.

What's not to like about the Sivan Health and Fitness Mat

The downside is that this fitness mat does have a chemical smell and may need to be aired out before you bring it to class. There are also no claims of it being free from non-toxic materials.


  • check
    Can be used for different activities
  • check
    Durable and portable
  • check
    Has an extra-thick padding
  • check
    Promotes an enhanced grip


  • Smells


Not all yoga mat is created equal. As much as we would like to tell you that most yoga mats are the same, that is simply not the case. Before you go out and purchase your first exercise mat or if you’re choosing to upgrade, allow us to give you some buying considerations that can help you make a more educated decision.


Yoga mats range anywhere from 1/16-inch to ¼-inch in thickness. Each individual will have different preferences when it comes to the thickness of their mat. Your body shape, weight, height, and routine will determine which mat thickness will work the best for you.

As a standard guideline, mats around ⅛-inch in thickness are best for regular yoga classes. However, if you are injured or have weak joints, a ¼-inch thick yoga mat may be better suited for you. On the other hand, if you’re doing more standing exercises, you may find that a thinner mat that measures 1/16 inches is a better fit.


The most common material for yoga mats is either PVC or vinyl. The problem yoga mats made from these materials is that they include synthetic materials that aren’t always safe to use.

Unfortunately, they can cause skin irritations, rashes, and may contain toxic materials. To avoid any of these unfortunate events, try finding newer and more eco-friendly mats, such as those made from rubber, cotton, or other materials.


There are three different lengths that you will typically find for yoga mats: standard, extra-long, or extra-big. The standard size yoga mat measures 68 x 24 inches and usually comes in at 6mm thick. The extra-long yoga mat is a bit longer, clocking in at around 80 inches or more.

However, if you’re planning on performing full-body poses, you may find that an extra-big yoga mat will suit your needs better. These yoga mats usually measure 84 x 36 inches and will give you enough room to move around.


Texture plays a big role in how well the yoga mat stays in position and prevents your hands and knees from slipping while you’re holding a pose. The best way to determine whether the texture is good or not is if you can see any ridges.

We find that smooth mats tend to be slippery, even if they do promise that you won’t slide. However, if you plan to do sitting or lying poses, then you may find that a textured mat is quite uncomfortable to use. Ultimately, the choice is up to you on which you prefer.

Price Range

The price range can be anywhere between $15 and $100+. However, the price shouldn’t be your main buying consideration. We’ve seen plenty of people shell out a lot of money for luxury-brand yoga mats, but then find that they may not last as long.

Instead of buying the most expensive yoga mat around, look for a combination of the above features and stay in the $50 price range. You can go a little higher or lower, but don’t go overboard.

Yoga Mat FAQs

How to choose a yoga mat?

Our buying guide is an excellent method to help you decide what features to look for in a yoga mat. Choosing one for the first time may be a bit frightening, as you want to have an optimal workout. For this reason, we recommend learning about what type of yoga you’re going to be performing before you choose a mat.

As a rule of thumb, standing positions and poses are better with a thinner mat while laying positions are better with cushioning.

How to clean Lululemon yoga mats?

Lululemon is one of the most popular yoga mat brands out there. Their yoga mats are designed for hardcore workouts and often soak up the sweat from your body. However, what this means is that you will need a steady cleaning regimen not only to prevent bacteria from building up but also to stop bad odors from forming.

To clean your yoga mat, create a mixture of one teaspoon of baking soda, juice of one whole lemon, and eight ounces of water. Mix the solution in that order and then apply it to your yoga mat using a washcloth. After the solution has had time to sit, rinse the yoga mat with water and allow it to dry in an open space.

How thick should a yoga mat be?

Generally, you would want your yoga mat to be at least 6 mm in thickness. However, as you continue your practice, you might also realize that you need a yoga mat that’s thicker or thinner. Yoga mat thickness is truly up to personal preferences, so be sure to try out a few before making the big decision.

How to carry yoga mats?

There are a few different methods for carrying your yoga mat from one place to the next. We highly recommend getting a detachable yoga mat strap. These straps can be attached to your yoga mat and wrap around each end. From there, you can carry it like a duffle bag, making transportation super easy.

How to make yoga mats less slippery?

Yoga mats with smooth surfaces are generally slippery no matter what you do. However, there are a few methods you can use to reduce the risks of slipping. In this section, we will list a few quick fixes that you can do to enhance your grip and stay safe during your next yoga session.

Break the Mat In

Similarly to shoes, you may need to break in your mat. The slippery surface may be due to its chemical coating, which wears down with repeated use. It should take around two weeks of use before it starts to feel less slippery.

Get Rid of Chemical Finishes

Not all mats are safe to do this with. However, we find that removing the protective finishes on yoga mats do get rid of the slippery texture. How can this be done?

Use apple cider vinegar and spray it onto your mat. Then, allow it to sit before washing it with organic soap and then rubbing the mat down with a damp washcloth. Allow to air dry after you’ve completed this process.

Wash It

This last technique also needs to be carefully considered since not all yoga mats can be put into the washing machine. Check with your manufacturer before washing. After all, you don’t want to ruin your fitness mat, do you?


As you can see, the best yoga mat isn’t that hard to find as long as you know what features to look for. If you ask us, we choose the Sivan Health and Fitness Mat as the best of the best because it features a thick foam padding, is comfortable to use, and can be used for multiple types of sports.

Overall, we are confident that any of the yoga mats on our list are excellent picks. However, if you choose to purchase your own, use our buyer’s guide section to help you pick a yoga mat that’s right for you and your needs.

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